Friday, April 3, 2009

Panic and Chaos at the Walmart

I had to stop by Walmart tonight on the way home from work because well it's on the way home and I did not want to deal with going to any store on a Saturday. I planned on being in and out quickly. You've heard about what happens when ya make plans right?

I had been in the store maybe 15 minutes and was in an isle with a woman and a younger girl who was maybe 20. I was looking at something and got a really strange feeling. I don't know why but I looked in my purse to find that my wallet was gone. My purse is not that big so I pulled everything out of it, checked my scrub pockets and found nothing. The whole time the young girl is acting very strange. I said "I think someone took my wallet" and she just gave me this look and said something but I was in such shock I can't remember what it was. She was still acting strange and then all the sudden she was gone. I looked in the isles close to me and she wasn't there. In the meantime my freak out had begun.

I only have to cards that I carry one being my debit card and the other being a charge card. One branch of my bank was still open so I was on the phone with the manager who was great and made sure they were put a stop to my card and they would take care of everything. She made me feel a little better. I was making my way to the front of the store and calling Discover to cancel that card. Why after I told them my wallet was stolen and need to stop the card are they trying to sell me stuff???? I was pissed. I wanted to scream I don't want to buy any shit I want you to put a stop to my card. After giving them everything including my blood type I told the Walmart greeter that my wallet had been taken I needed to speak to security. He then told me I needed to talk to a cashier.

The cashier made a call to get someone to come and no one came. She called again and while we were waiting on some response I see the girl who I think took my wallet go walking by. With no security in sight I tell the cashier I am going to go follow her. I did and after not getting any help from anyone remotely related to Walmart I take matters in my own hands and call the cops. I explain the situation and they are on the phone asking me all kinds of questions. The operater who was extremely nice is relaying the info and telling me that someone is enroute. By this time the girl had checked out and was walking out the door and I was following. For whatever reason the police department is hooked up the the Walmart survailence and could see the girl in the parking lot. She had gotten to her car and was driving toward the exit when a cruiser showed up and flew up behind to stop her lights blazing.

I then went back inside to talk to another cop who came into the store and gave him my info and what happened. He asked me if I was sure I had brought my wallet and I told him I hadn't been anywhere but work today and I was sure I had it. Now while I am talking to him the store fire alarm starts to go off. People start to wonder if they should be worried and then out of nowhere a manager appears only because the fire alarms not because someone stole my wallet. Not once had the crack security team make an appearence. One of the cops asked if I could go out and check to see if my wallet was in my car which I gladly did. All of this has happened in maybe 15 minutes and I am shaking like a leaf. I am thinking omg they have my cards which I already stopped and then I think oh shit my social is on my drivers liscense! So I am freaking out on the inside and go out to check in my car.

As I am on the way to the car and I have all kinds of emtions running through me including feeling really bad if that girl the cops have stopped didn't steal my wallet but I had a gut feeling and she was acting way beyond scetchy. At this time the powers that be decided they needed to evacuate the store so people are leaving in droves and more cop cars and fire trucks are pulling up. I get to my car and walk over to the passenger side door and what do I see. If you guessed my wallet you quessed right. How it got there I have no idea. The last time I had it out of my purse was in the morning before work so it had probably been sitting there all day right out in the open while I was at work. I felt a huge wave of relief and then I felt horrible and basically like an ass because I pointed the finger at this poor girl and had them stop her. I even feel bad that the cops had to deal with this situation but honestly I would rather be safe then sorry.

Yeah I still feel really bad about the girl.