Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday, Friday rolled into one!

Not much that I can remember happened Thursday. We were busy but nowhere near where we had been. This morning however was hell yet again.

The other day and today I had to call a patient who had one of those ring back things. I don't even know if thats what they are really called. You know when you call someone and instead of hearing ringing they are nice enough to pay for you to listen to a song. Well this patient went above and beyond the call of duty. I dial the number and then got to listen to I'm Proud to be an American by Lee Greenwood. I didn't know if I should laugh or puke. Don't get me wrong I am patriotic and all that jazz but words can't begin to express how much I hate that song. I would have rather her ring be nails on a chalkboard. Now that I think about it I don't know what would have been worse, actually talking to the woman or having to hear that song. Hmmm.

Another thing about work is what people can get away with. We have a few receptionists and 2 actually have it together and know what they are doing. Then there are the 3 who do not. One of the three has been there over 5 years. She has no idea what multitasking is. She thinks her job is to sit up there and answer the phone. Thats it. No checking in patients, filing or anything else. She stays and gets overtime after everyone leaves doing god knows what. They don't get rid of her or make her accountable because they feel sorry for her. The second of the three has been there a little over a year. She has become sick in the past few months and went down to part time. She wants to keep working for something to do but the problem with that is she comes to work and sits and watches other people work. So basically the person who works with her has to do the work of two people. The office manager suggested maybe she take some leave and she said she didn't want to. I can respect that but lets not put all her work on other people and stress them out. The third woman is new. She's been there about 3 months. She's an idiot. One of those people that you tell something to over and over and she acts like she's never heard it each time. She's also one of the people I want to punch repeatedly.

Ok enough bitching about work for tonight.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Work kicked my ass

On Wednesdays I work with N. We work well together and she actually works unlike a lot of people in that office. We kick ass and we take names. Except for today. No matter what we did we couldn't keep up. There were stacks of charts and messages and prescriptions but we never got a chance to sit down and do them until after 5.

We gave flu shots like crazy, had a few blood draws but then this afternoon we had 3 well baby checks. The mother of the one baby never shows up for the appointments. I would say she shows up maybe one time out of five. The baby had an appointment at 2. 2 came and went with no sign of the baby. We weren't shocked. It's 3 and the moms at the window. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat??!! She's an hour late and we had another well baby check at that time. So we took the baby back but she didn't get seen till after the people who were on time were seen. She was there about 2 hours. The office manager asked her if she realized she was an hour late and the mom said well I couldn't remember what time the appointment was so I just came in. Um she made the appointment today!!! Blah shes a dumbass.

So mind you the office was nuts today and it was very obvious. So whats the office manager do? She runs out around 11 because she has a hair appointment. She was gone for a good 2 hours. Then she was gone way before 5. Mind you she's an RN and she knows how to work front and back office. Did she offer to help? Hell no! But its ok for us to be there till after 7. It kills me how the doctor who owns the practice is all about saving money but he has quite a few people who get paid for doing nothing.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lazy Bastard

Thats pretty much what I was today. I got up early but didn't really do anything. I watched some tv, learned some tricks on the sidekick and took a nap. I thought I would try and see if my dvr was going to be ok instead of hauling it back to Time Warner, bad idea on my part. It only taped part of Ellen and now it's booting up again because it's stuck on stupid. I am thisclose to booting it out the window.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Real original title I know. I hate Mondays. The weekends over and they are always busy. Extra busy when the person you work with doesn't really like to get off her ass. Not once but twice this afternoon she was MIA for at least 15 minutes. I was of course bitching hard there was a lot of work to do. After the patients left I think she did like one chart and another older nurse that works there came in and started talking to her so that slowed her down even more. I hate working with her.

Thats all I got today. I am pretty sure this is what Monday blogs are going to look like.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just The Begining

So here I am on blogger. Some friends started to blog here and I jumped on the bandwagon. Be prepared for a lot of complaining about work. Tomorrow is Monday so I am sure there will be lots tomorrow.