Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yeah this blog has suffered from it. I admit I have been a bad blogger and I would like to change that. I have had a lot of things rolling around in my head and things have happened lately to where I have decided that I need to for lack of a better term... get my ass in gear.
Stay tuned for plans and thoughts :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Panic and Chaos at the Walmart

I had to stop by Walmart tonight on the way home from work because well it's on the way home and I did not want to deal with going to any store on a Saturday. I planned on being in and out quickly. You've heard about what happens when ya make plans right?

I had been in the store maybe 15 minutes and was in an isle with a woman and a younger girl who was maybe 20. I was looking at something and got a really strange feeling. I don't know why but I looked in my purse to find that my wallet was gone. My purse is not that big so I pulled everything out of it, checked my scrub pockets and found nothing. The whole time the young girl is acting very strange. I said "I think someone took my wallet" and she just gave me this look and said something but I was in such shock I can't remember what it was. She was still acting strange and then all the sudden she was gone. I looked in the isles close to me and she wasn't there. In the meantime my freak out had begun.

I only have to cards that I carry one being my debit card and the other being a charge card. One branch of my bank was still open so I was on the phone with the manager who was great and made sure they were put a stop to my card and they would take care of everything. She made me feel a little better. I was making my way to the front of the store and calling Discover to cancel that card. Why after I told them my wallet was stolen and need to stop the card are they trying to sell me stuff???? I was pissed. I wanted to scream I don't want to buy any shit I want you to put a stop to my card. After giving them everything including my blood type I told the Walmart greeter that my wallet had been taken I needed to speak to security. He then told me I needed to talk to a cashier.

The cashier made a call to get someone to come and no one came. She called again and while we were waiting on some response I see the girl who I think took my wallet go walking by. With no security in sight I tell the cashier I am going to go follow her. I did and after not getting any help from anyone remotely related to Walmart I take matters in my own hands and call the cops. I explain the situation and they are on the phone asking me all kinds of questions. The operater who was extremely nice is relaying the info and telling me that someone is enroute. By this time the girl had checked out and was walking out the door and I was following. For whatever reason the police department is hooked up the the Walmart survailence and could see the girl in the parking lot. She had gotten to her car and was driving toward the exit when a cruiser showed up and flew up behind to stop her lights blazing.

I then went back inside to talk to another cop who came into the store and gave him my info and what happened. He asked me if I was sure I had brought my wallet and I told him I hadn't been anywhere but work today and I was sure I had it. Now while I am talking to him the store fire alarm starts to go off. People start to wonder if they should be worried and then out of nowhere a manager appears only because the fire alarms not because someone stole my wallet. Not once had the crack security team make an appearence. One of the cops asked if I could go out and check to see if my wallet was in my car which I gladly did. All of this has happened in maybe 15 minutes and I am shaking like a leaf. I am thinking omg they have my cards which I already stopped and then I think oh shit my social is on my drivers liscense! So I am freaking out on the inside and go out to check in my car.

As I am on the way to the car and I have all kinds of emtions running through me including feeling really bad if that girl the cops have stopped didn't steal my wallet but I had a gut feeling and she was acting way beyond scetchy. At this time the powers that be decided they needed to evacuate the store so people are leaving in droves and more cop cars and fire trucks are pulling up. I get to my car and walk over to the passenger side door and what do I see. If you guessed my wallet you quessed right. How it got there I have no idea. The last time I had it out of my purse was in the morning before work so it had probably been sitting there all day right out in the open while I was at work. I felt a huge wave of relief and then I felt horrible and basically like an ass because I pointed the finger at this poor girl and had them stop her. I even feel bad that the cops had to deal with this situation but honestly I would rather be safe then sorry.

Yeah I still feel really bad about the girl.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Meeting and stuff

Well the lunch meeting at work happened. It went down pretty much like I thought it would. Our attitudes suck as of late and we are better than that. Blah blah blah. I knew nothing would really get stirred up because there are way too many people at work that will not sit and take any bullshit so basically the office manager knew better. Things that should have been addressed like policies and correct procedures were never touched upon so people that are doing things wrong or not at all will continue to do. The meeting was useless.

We were close to getting out of work at a nice time but LD was working so that didn't happen. She scheduled a patient to come in because he cut his had which meant the doctor might have to do stitches. It's not much but it's a mess. She didnt let anyone know she put this patient in and she put them in the last spot. He shows up and has to fill out paper work. With a big cut on his hand. I don't mind that he came in and needed to be stitched up thats what we are there for. It just makes me mad that LD should have let us know that he was on the phone or at least told him to come in when he called because he had a cut that needed seen right away. She screws up and everyone else has to clean up the mess.

This weekend I rented Animal Crossing for the Wii. I wanted to try it out before I bought it to make sure I liked it. I am addicted. I need to get my Wii online so I can go other places when I do get my own AC.

Thats all I got.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


That's what I was today. I did a lot of running. I dropped off a couple different bills and picked up a few things at the store. I stopped in at Petland that is going out of business and got Lady a new leash. I took her to get her nails cut too. She really needed it. I was running errands for about 4 hours. I wanted to get more done once I got home but I was really tired. I watched Pineapple Express it was ok. I also watched a movie called Music Within. IMDB it. It's based on a true story and it was a very good movie.

This weekend its suppose to be warm and sunny so I have high hopes on getting alot done. Dana and I are going to try to get started on our Disney scrapbooks too. We are going to speakerphone while we work.

Thats all I got today kids. Exciting stuff huh? :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Whats Your Name?

Today was craaaaazy at work. We were super busy and it didnt seem to let up at all. When we left there were still about 30 or more charts to do. I have never seen it that bad.

We had a patient call this morning that had a few issues and Screech Owl told her she should have someone take her to the ER. Let me just tell ya 99% of the time people that call in won't go to the ER. They would rather come to the office and just see the doctor. Most of those times those folks get a rid to the ER from our office thanks to the squad. Today was no different. The woman was told to go to the ER and then her name shows up on the appointment list for this afternoon. She comes in and the doctor comes out of the room and asks me to call the squad and after I do go in the room and sit with the patient till they come. Not a problem. I go in and the patient asked me to get her phone out of her jacket pocket so she can call her work. Yeah she went to work after she was told to go to the ER. Anyway she called work but wanted me to tell them what was going on. Not a big deal but all the sudden I got a brain fart and totally forgot her name! I thought ooooh shit what do I do now?? She actually talked to her work first then handed me the phone which saved me. After that call she wanted to call her sister and Screen Owl came in and had her chart so I was saved. How bad would it have looked had I been like uum yeah whats your name again?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2 In a Row!

Today was a bit on the shittastic side. I think the main reason is because I am in a major funk. I haven't really been in a good mood all week.

The "patients" that were calling in their own prescriptions was caught at a pharmacy that didn't even contact our office. As of right now we don't know if it is an actual patient or not. Hopefully the office manager calls and finds out some info. There was a note posted in the break room that we are having a lunch meeting next Thursday. They never ever have meetings. Who knows what its going to be about but it could get ugly so it should be interesting if anything.

I stopped by the library after work and as soon as I got out of my car I knew something was wrong. I checked all my pockets and my purse then walked around to the other side of the car to see my keys still in the ignition and my doors locked. Fuel for the fire of my craptastic mood. It would not have been that bad except I was still in the town where I work. About 30 miles from my house. I went into the library got what I wanted and walked around the building to the police station. Thank god they are in the same building. A very nice lady at the window took my info and said she would send someone out to help me. A nice cop showed up and in less than five minutes I was in my car and on the way home. If only the rest of the day had gone that smoothly.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday Monday

Monday wasn't too bad. We were busy but we or should I say I was able to keep up. The Screech Owl was moaning and groaning about some new pain and doing what should could to actually get out of doing any real work. You know the usual Monday for her. Patients were super bitchy. It kills me that some of them call in and leave a message for one of the docs and then call back every hour on the hour to see if their message has been answered. I would like to bring it to their attention that the docs see patients while in the office and don't just sit around and wait for calls to come in. After they docs answer the messages we have to call the patient in between taking patients back and doing procedures for patients that are in the office. Damn people.

We had some craziness happen too. We call in a lot of prescriptions throughout the day to a lot different pharmacies. One of the pharmacies called us saying that someone tried to call in some prescriptions saying they were from our office. The pharmacy said something was off so they called us. Someone, maybe a patient, called in 3 different prescriptions that were pretty heavy duty. They were just going to let the "patient" come in for the drugs then the cops were going to arrest them. Not long after that call we got another with the same thing at another pharmacy. It was toward the end of the day and I don't work Tuesdays so I hope someone knows something when I go in tomorrow.

Thats all for now.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Busy day

I have a lot of things on my to do list or should I say a lot of things on my do anything but this list list. Today I got a couple things done. One being laundry. I washed all my bed stuff and put my new duvet cover on. It looks really good.

I also made some cheesy cheddar biscuits and they are delicious! I am still finishing up laundry and watching the Oscars. I hope to get more stuff done around the house on Tuesday. I decided to tackle just one room at a time.

Sorry this couldn't be a little more exciting but that was my day.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who Knew I'd Have to Take a Number

This morning I was still pissed about the whole screech owl thing. I was going over what would be the best way to bring the subject up because I knew she wouldn't. There was no way she was going to talk about anything she messed up. C came in before the screech owl and I knew something wasn't right with her. She's usually talkative, bubbly and hyper. Today I never heard her say too much and she was the farthest thing from hyper.

The screech owl showed up and now I was torn. How do I bring up the whole blame thing and do I do it today because I knew C was ready to boil over. C made it to lunch without anything happening which surprised me. Shes really not one to hold anything in. I can't remember when it happened but I happen to come across the chart of the baby who got the expired shot. I asked if the parents were called so they knew what had happened and that the baby needed to come back to get another shot. This is when the screech owl said she was just sick about what happened yada yada yada. My reply to her was, yeah I heard I also got the blame for it. Oooohhh nooo she said. Her explanation was that she had said I was the last one to give a shot out of that vaccine bottle, 10 days before it expired and I should have put a note on it. I told her wow thats funny I thought thats why they put the date on the bottle because thats where I always check. She didn't have a snappy comeback. I think if she had my fist would have snapped upside her head.

Later this afternoon the pot boiled over. C has been working her ass off at home and at work and it seems no matter what the girl does she doesnt do anything right and someones always riding her ass. Today she had enough. There was a breakdown of epic proportions. I being the great employee that I am covered for her at the front desk lines were ringing people were signing in it was crazy. Now you would think knowing what was going on screech owl would step it up. Yeah ya know damn well she didnt. In fact not only was I answering phones, taking messages, making appointments, doing nurse call backs, I also had to take all the patients back because she sat on her ass.

So I am redoing the resume and putting it out there. And when I get a job with good benifets and pay thats better than the screech owl I will tell her to suck it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm Back and I'm Bitchin!

I know its been awhile but I got really lazy about blogging over the holidays and had other stuff to do so here's to me getting back on track!

The only thing I really have to report today is the fact that I am going to have it out with the screech owl tomorrow. She screwed up yesterday and rather than admit she made a mistake what did she do? She blamed ME! I don't work Tuesdays but apparently I am so good I can make her screw up while sitting in my living room 40 minutes from my office!

I get to work today and had a couple people tell me what happened. A kid came in for a well child check and one of the docs ordered a vaccine for the kid. Let me just say that when I went to school it was heavily stressed to check expiration dates on vaccines. We were taught to check the date 3 times. Once when you get it out, once when you draw it up and once before you put it away. I have only been working in my current field for a little over 3 years, the screech owl has been at it for over 35. You would think she would check the date. She didn't until AFTER she gave the shot and was charting.

At this point you might be asking yourself how was this MY fault that she didn't check the date? Well her excuse for screwing up was I was the last one to give that vaccine and I should have written on the bottle, or somewhere else, that it was going to expire soon. Yeah. This is where you scream ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! Thats what I did. From what I understand everyone looked at her like she was on crack when she pulled that excuse out of her ass and it just made her look stupid. I would also like to add this is the second time shes done this in about 6 months. I didn't get the blame last time I forget what her excuse is but it really doesn't matter because she should have checked that date.

I can bet you the usual will happen tomorrow. She will come in to work and not say a word about how SHE screwed up and how she blamed ME for it. Thats ok because you bet your ass I will be bringing it up to her. I have decided that I am going to have her go into the office managers office and confront her there so I will stay calm and not have to be pulled off her.

Just in case though does someone want to start the bail collection now?