Tuesday, March 3, 2009


That's what I was today. I did a lot of running. I dropped off a couple different bills and picked up a few things at the store. I stopped in at Petland that is going out of business and got Lady a new leash. I took her to get her nails cut too. She really needed it. I was running errands for about 4 hours. I wanted to get more done once I got home but I was really tired. I watched Pineapple Express it was ok. I also watched a movie called Music Within. IMDB it. It's based on a true story and it was a very good movie.

This weekend its suppose to be warm and sunny so I have high hopes on getting alot done. Dana and I are going to try to get started on our Disney scrapbooks too. We are going to speakerphone while we work.

Thats all I got today kids. Exciting stuff huh? :)

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