Thursday, February 26, 2009

Whats Your Name?

Today was craaaaazy at work. We were super busy and it didnt seem to let up at all. When we left there were still about 30 or more charts to do. I have never seen it that bad.

We had a patient call this morning that had a few issues and Screech Owl told her she should have someone take her to the ER. Let me just tell ya 99% of the time people that call in won't go to the ER. They would rather come to the office and just see the doctor. Most of those times those folks get a rid to the ER from our office thanks to the squad. Today was no different. The woman was told to go to the ER and then her name shows up on the appointment list for this afternoon. She comes in and the doctor comes out of the room and asks me to call the squad and after I do go in the room and sit with the patient till they come. Not a problem. I go in and the patient asked me to get her phone out of her jacket pocket so she can call her work. Yeah she went to work after she was told to go to the ER. Anyway she called work but wanted me to tell them what was going on. Not a big deal but all the sudden I got a brain fart and totally forgot her name! I thought ooooh shit what do I do now?? She actually talked to her work first then handed me the phone which saved me. After that call she wanted to call her sister and Screen Owl came in and had her chart so I was saved. How bad would it have looked had I been like uum yeah whats your name again?

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