Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Candy Thieves

I got quite a surprise when I got to work this morning. N had to call off because one of her kids was sick so I had to work with Screech Owl. Ugh. The morning was ok, it went by pretty fast really. We had people drop off all kinds of goodies. We get lunch on Wednesdays and today it was a woman that just annoys the crap out of me. I know that's really not that hard to do but man. Our break room is shaped really funny so it's small when it comes to trying to get a number of people in there to eat. We can fit about 6 people at the table but its going to be pretty tight.

We go back to eat and this annoying woman has all her shit all over the end of the table. Its very obvious that we don't have much space to work with. She was nice enough to take up two spaces. One person even had to put her lunch in her lap to eat. I dropped a few settle hints about being able to eat at the table and it just didn't sink in. This woman talked the entire time I was sitting there. Nonstop. I couldn't take anymore and had to get up and leave the room. Normally I don't mind the reps that come in and in fact there are a few I love but not this woman.

The afternoon got rolling along and we slowly come to the conclusion that someone has stolen a box of candy from the breakroom. None of the patients go back there and after much questioning and thinking this or that person had put it somewhere we think we solved the crime. The lady that delivered our lunch from Fridays hijacked our box of Ester Price candy. Who does that?!?! We weren't mad or anything just kind of dumbfounded. A box of candy? Really???

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