Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Free Tuesday

The weather today was gross but it is Ohio. I would have rather stayed in bed but I got up and did some running. My first stop was the video store to rent The Dark Knight. I had enough credit at the store that it paid for the movie. Very good movie. I thought Heath did a great job. You totally forget it that it's him. I ran into an old friend too. When I say old I mean we were bffs in grade school. We lived across the street from each other and talked about how we had both thought of the dance we made to Superfreak. Yeah we knew Rick James before Dave Chapelle.

After that I headed off to lunch with a friend. We had made plans to get in touch this morning with a time and place. I called her and it went straight to voice mail. I didn't think too much of it and just started to drive her direction. I get to her town and try to call her again, same thing. At this point I am getting irritated. I drove 30 minutes and I am starving so I didn't know to forget her and do the couple of things I wanted to do, grab lunch and take it back home or go hunt her down. I opted for the later. I was still irritated because she lives on the other side of town from where I was from. I get to her house and shes still asleep (she works third shift). After she wakes up and I ask her if we are doing lunch she informs me she's broke. Thats really nice thanks for letting me know that BEFORE I drove all the way over here. She decides to call her daughter and see if she can borrow some money and after she changes we're off. Instead of her driving her own car she wants to ride with me. I don't mind but then I have to drive AGAIN to the other side of town. Grrr.

We went to a new place that I had gift certificate for and I got pretzel bites (YUM) and chicken chunks (so so). It was ok I can't say that it will be my first choice next time but this time it was FREE! After we had lunch we ran over to Stone Cold Creamery so I could pick up a cake that I had a certificate for. I had never had one of their cakes so I picked Peanut Butter Playground. It's soooooooooooo good. And I got a little thing of dark chocolate peppermint. I couldn't help myself. I then drove to the other side of town, again, to drop her off and was on my way home.

I talked to C about the funeral Friday. The doctor who owns the practice can't take a stand on what he wants to do, close the office all day or half the day. The funeral is at noon and it will take about 30 minutes to get there from work. I would work the morning but is it really even worth it to see patients for 2 hours? It's a mess. I will be glad when it's settled.

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