Monday, December 8, 2008

Not so bad

Today wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Screech Owl of course got all teary and gushy when we were talking about D but she didn't get too worked up. We were all down of course. I think the office is actually going to shut down for her funeral. I wasn't sure but seeing as how everyone wants to go there doesn't seem much choice.

I wanted to get up a little early today so I could eat some breakfast. I did get up a few minutes early but not enough. I drank coffee and didn't eat anything. Bad move on my part I know better. When I do this I end up feeling gross all morning.

It's the office managers birthday tomorrow so she brought in lunch. It was "some kind of stew". It sat in a crock pot in the break room all morning stewing. It had beef, tomatoes, onions, corn, green beans and who knows what else. I was not interested so thankfully I had forgotten she was bring in lunch and had brought my own. After lunch I had the pleasure of being stuck on the phone with someone who basically talked in circles for 10 minutes. I told him I did what I could but if he needed something else I could help him but the circles started again. He was nasty and rude and finally hung up on me. Bastard.

Thats about all the excitement I can handle in one day. Gossip Girl calls.

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